Dr. Luis Almeida is a media critic and founder of #TechnoModeration — A call to action movement calling for technomoderation in society. He has been an active advocate speaking and writing about the importance of the responsible use of technology in society


Dr. A has served as a critic of technology in a number of regional, national and international outlets including TEDx Talk, ABC-JacksonVoice of America (VOA), Indiana Gazette, Nightique, Metro Morning Live in Jackson, Mississippi, The VindicatorQue Tal Indiana?, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania to talk about the impacts of technology in society.

Overseas, Dr. Almeida has also been featured at Voice of America in Nigeria, was featured at O Globo NewspaperRadio CBN , and the Investimentos e Noticias Newspaper on the same topic. Dr Almeida was also featured in a number of Brazilian universities for his work on technomoderation.

After introducing the Almeida Computer Behavior (Human Robot) Theory, Dr. Almeida has been active speaking and writing about the topic of technomoderation in society, which has given him air time on local television and radio. Currently, Dr. Almeida is working on a book which extends his theory and boldly proposes a new kind of human species which he labels, “The Homo Sapiens Immodicus.” a term coined by him and published in the Brazilian Newspaper Investimentos e Noticias back in February 2015.

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