The Hills are Alive…

With the sound of music ♫

Music is an amazing part of life. It can lighten up a commute, calm anxiety, or evoke passion and motivation.

It can be through human voices, or instrumental.

Nature, however, is full of a music all its own.

Everything from birds to creeks, or from leaves blowing to rain falling sings in its unique way.

But nothing can replace the impact of the human voice.

Children’s voices sing with the sound of joy and innocence.

Some people’s song rings more like a ballad, full of heart ache and pain.

But you’ll never hear any of these life-giving and life-changing sounds unless you pay attention.

So many of us go throughout our day with our ears only open to what we want to hear. Or what is coming out of our earphones.

But if you keep your ears open, your heart might just follow. And who knows what adventures may come your way when that happens. ❤


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