Ohana means “Family”

One of the greatest appeals of technology is the ability to keep up with friends and family. It appeals to our deep desire for connection, which explains the rapid success social media has experienced.

Social media and other forms of technology have definitely increased the channels we can use to reach out to those around us.

Unfortunately, it has become a common occurrence for cell phones to get in the way of spending time with those closest to us (both literally and spatially).

Like any other tool, in itself it can be as helpful or as harmful as you make it.

So this week, try one of these challenges and see if it improves your connection with a friend or family member 🙂

  • Keep your phone off the table during a lunch/coffee date, and notice how many times your partner looks at theirs. We usually don’t realize how many times we’re interrupting the flow of the conversation until we see someone else do it!
  • During a break at the office or in between classes, don’t look at your phone and see how many conversations you can have with those around you.
  • Walk down the sidewalk or street without being on your phone, and try to spot as many people as possible who are on theirs in 10-15 minutes.
  • Write a handwritten note for someone you love, instead of sending them a text and see how they respond!

I hope that this week you appreciate those you care about and spend a little time reconnecting the good old fashion way 😀



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