Need an Escape?

After hours of typing away at the office, slaving over a paper that’s due at midnight, or changing diapers and listening to screaming babies, sometimes you just need to get away.

We’ve all been there.

But nobody else can write your paper for you, babies don’t become independent overnight, and if you want to keep your job you need to fulfill responsibilities.

So what do you do?

Here are 5 healthy ways to mentally escape so that your sanity can stay in tact:

  1. Read a chapter of a book: The bookworm…this is probably one of the oldest ways of escape. Most of us don’t have time to sit up and read all night to finish a book, though. Instead, pick out an easy book that peaks your interest and read just one chapter a day, or even just a couple pages. You’ll be surprised what even five or ten minutes relaxing during your lunch break can do for your mind!
  2. Journal: This one might sound tacky, but if you’re not the traditional notebook and padlock kind of person, you can still journal on your phone or computer. Writing can help you release your frustrations and gather your emotions so you’re ready to get back to the daily grind.
  3. Meal-planning: Fiction can be a great way to escape, but planning or organizing is another way to get your mind off of the situation at hand. This is an especially useful method for those of us who want our leisure time to also be productive. Start a Pintrest board of your favorite recipes or make a folder of dishes you’ve had and want to incorporate into your routine.
  4. Music: Multitasking! Listening to music while folding laundry, taking a walk, doing homework, or driving to your next meeting can be an excellent way to spice up your daily routine. Most of us already do this, but making it an intentional way to rejuvenate after a long day can help more than you might think.
  5. Turn off your phone: Simple, yes. Easy…not exactly. In today’s technologically-centered world, our phones are constantly beeping, buzzing, and trying to get our attention. While escaping the cycle entirely isn’t exactly feasible or helpful, turning off the cell for a few minutes every day can be a great source of escape from the craziness that surrounds us. This will not only help you to focus better on what’s around you, but you’ll be able to relax or work without being interrupted by a Facebook notification or text.

These are just a few of many ways you can escape from the hectic pace of life to give your mind a rest. Come up with your own list of what you like to do to “get away” and comment below to share your ideas with us!


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