Outdoor Inspiration


Looking for ways to unplug and relax?

You’re not alone!

One of the most underutilized ways to reenergize after a stressful weak is getting outdoors. In a society in which almost all of our daily obligations occur inside an office pod or a classroom, it is so easy to let technology dominate our schedules.

But you’d be surprised how much a thirty minute break can rejuvenate your mind so that when you get back to work, you feel ready to go.

Now, most of us don’t have time or money to buy a bunch of camping gear and take an epic trip out west for a week to “get away.” Fortunately, there are countless activities that can get you outside and don’t cost a cent.

If you’re looking for some practical, schedule-friendly ways to get some fresh air, then this is your lucky day!

Here are 5 suggestions:

  1. Lunch-hour stroll: Sometimes our schedules get so full that we don’t feel like we have time to specifically dedicate to exercise. But one thing we all have to do is eat! Pack a lunch that you can eat on the go and take a stroll around the neighborhood…you’ll come back with your blood pumping and feeling refreshed!
  2. Snap a pic: For those of you that find yourselves indoors because exercise isn’t your thing, there are still options for you! Nature has literally thousands of breath-taking photo opportunities that are just waiting to be captured. So grab your camera (or iPhone…whatever floats your boat) and see what’s out there 🙂
  3. Take back the porch swing: What’s better than one method of relaxation? Two! If you’re a bookworm, than bring your favorite novel and “park” yourself on a bench (get it….park bench…) or a porch swing.
  4. Adventure Book: Remember the movie Up and the cute adventure book the couple made? If you love traveling why not document your adventures in a photo album? If printing out pictures sounds like too much work, there are plenty of apps or programs online that do the same thing!
  5. Nothing’s better than a picnic: Who doesn’t love a delicious picnic at your favorite mountain overview or lakeside? Bring a friend, your favorite snacks, and a blanket and enjoy the great outdoors!

These are just a couple ideas to get the ideas pumping, so feel free to create your own list of ways to unplug and connect with nature this week! We’d love to hear what you’re up to 🙂 Comment below to share other ideas or tag us on Facebook!


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