Take Time Off — Technology Can Wait.


This is the very first time in my career as a college professor that I decided to take three full months off from work. After ten years of working during Summer months, either as a full-time faculty member seeking tenure or as a higher education administrator, I can assure you that completely disengaging from your academic job has tremendous benefits. Some of these benefits include experiencing less stress, immediate decrease in work pressure, and actually having time to spend with your family.

I am limiting technology use to 3 hours a day. Of these two hours, 0.5 is allocated to my blog updates, one hour for newspaper reading an the remaining? About 0.5 in bible readings and social media replies and that is pretty much it. How do I feel? Fantastic wouldn’t describe the feeling. Can we create a new term? How about Amazintastic!!!


Take time off people. Technology can wait. Do yourself a favor: Rest!!! It is well worth it.


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