Technology Control Maybe Necessary.


I’m not always for governmental control especially when the topic relates to computer technology but based on what I’ve seen so far in society, state regulation might be the only way that we can delay the eminent side effects described in the homosapiens immodicus model. Exposure and frequency of computer technology use is impacting a person’s life for the better and for the worse, as I have predicted. The way we chose to combat the worse part will dictate how we are going to enjoy the great one.

I am concerned with a kid’s communication development abilities and their problem solving skill development, along with kid’s abilities to develop a much need it learning stamina in order to have the mental strength to learn the required societal skillsets later in their lives. Kids need to have the ability to explore their environments and be imaginative through play in their early years. failing to do the former can have detrimental consequences in the lives of millions of children in the United States and beyond.

If we decide not to control technology use somehow, I fear kids will be at a disadvantage later on in life. Maybe we should all join forces and advance this agenda, everybody. After all, we are talking about innocent children.

Are you in or are you out?


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