Forget the App — Nobody Is As Caring And Loving Like A Mom.


Although there are many people using modern computer technology in an attempt to simulate a “mom like” loving behavior, I don’t think that machinery is meant to serve in this capacity. It is true that a number of kids are seeking quick loving solutions with app technology these days in order to fulfill a love void but kids let me tell you… I think on this one you will be disappointed. Is it a good thing or a bad thing to rely on people to share loving behavior?

Difficult to say many would argue. To me at least, mom’s have a significant advantage here against any technological app for your smartphone. After six thousand years of micro evolution, moms have developed a keen sense of love that can’t be matched by us mere men mortals. Their ability to speak interpersonally especially when the topic is somehow relating to love is unmatched. Their ability to share non-behavioral loving codes is an ability that most if not all of us, mortals, should be a little better at. Yet… we don’t and some a re turning to smartphones in order to fill this void.

We cannot not communicate! We’re always communicating even when we don’t say a single word. Mom’s are especially strong in this art. Sorry technology, you will lose this one pretty good, I bet.  I have to admit that my position on this issue isn’t very popular but frankly, I don’t want to be known as a person who conforms with technology for progress sake. It needs to make logical sense for me to believe and stick to that belief.

We are unpredictable, many times we make illogical decisions, we are emotional beings who often seek to live in harmony with others for the most part. We love but moms love more! technology comes second to them, when the topic is anything relating to love. Therefore, be kind and patient to your mothers.  Technology is fickle! “Forget the App — Nobody Is As Caring And Loving Like A Mom.” It is that simple.



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