Too Much Technology And Speech Delay. 

This is Sophia our daughter. She has been speaking full sentences since she was three years old. She has been practicing her ABC’s and singing songs with mommy and daddy since she was a tiny baby. Our house, like most American houses in the new millennium, has more technology than a KISS concert. However, the way we decided to use our technology in our property is perhaps unorthodox to today’s family technologynstandards. We rarely choose technology over the well being of our family. Dinner time to us is time to eat and chat (or play). It isn’t time to eat and smartphone. Humans come first technology second. 

We have made an effort to help Sophia with developing great interpersonal communication skills early on in her life. We believe that the former will pay big dividends to her in the long run. What has been the result, so far? She is active, well spoken and has the common sense to get away from tablets once in a while when we ask and when she is tired. 

Sophia is a kid like any other with the distinction that she isn’t always being innundaded with daily dozens of technology baits. Allowing kids to become dependent on technology is a dangerous move on the part of many parents. Don’t do it. Don’t gamble the future of your kid with imposing that she should always use the latest technology available. Take a look at the  photograph below… thoughts? 

Your child is more important than the extra hours it takes for you to take care of them without much technology. Having technology in your kid’s life is a good thing, of course. Having your kid’s life being technology isn’t. Fortunate are parents who understand this simple tenet and make the necessary sacrifice. 

Be careful with using to much technology because it can handicap your child for the sake of  it. In the end, it ain’t worth it. Remember: Moderation! Perhaps I am a dreamer but I hope to not be the only one, as Lennon said. Be bold and decisive! Give your child a break and let him play like a kid without your smartphone sometimes. 


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