Technology Is the Corrupt’s Worst Enemy


Individuals who choose corruption over good morals have their days counted. The advent of live technology, along with unambiguous computing and social media sites like youtube and many others have changed the way we capture/record, share, and expose wrong doers’ actions and rhetoric in this new age of information that we live in. What was once difficult to obtain is now very easy to acquire. Technology has changed the face of corruption forever. In my opinion, it has attacked what Brazilian’s call malandros, people who like to take advantage of other people, to their core.

I am predicting a new wave of justice that the world has never seen in the near future because of the reasonable technological advancements we have made in this area. Let me share a good example of the former — For the very first time in the history of Brazil, corrupt politicians (and businessmen) are being convicted of crime, partly because of the evidence that is collected with technological tools. Take a look at former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio “Lula” Da Silva youtube video below where he brags to have lied to the world to gain support! I honestly don’t think that these bunch of malandros foresaw how these advancements would incriminate them.

Technology has changed Mr. Da Silva’s life in ways he could never have imagined. In fact, he is currently being investigated by the federal police of Brazil for his potential involvement with operation car wash, where he and many other politicians and corrupt businessmen were caught in perhaps one of the biggest public scandals ever recorded in a western democracy. This is one of the powers of technology, my friends. It captures expressions along with data and life events. Whatever is written and posted on-line is now recorded forever which makes life extremely complicated for anybody who chooses corruption before having good morals. Technology is corruption’s worse enemy.

In sum, technology has changed the landscape of corruption, at least in Brazil. I predict, because we live in a technopoly, that many will try to capitalize or advance their cause using these liberating tools and manipulate the truth for self gain. It is already happening but I think it will happen way more often… Only time will tell, though.


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