Don’t Hate! Love and Understand. 

It is true that technology has taken away jobs in the media industry. Nobody can deny this fact. Very few people can also deny that in the field of radio, technology has reshaped the way of how the medium is operated.  It is part of life, I say! Things evolve, things change. 

Don’t hate technology! Rather, love and understand. Sure we shall see a number of changes in our society due to the infusion of technology in our processes and systems but just because we now have more automation doesn’t make it right to completely abolish the inevitable. Technology is here to stay! Embrace it or be left behind. 

Our role it to better understand this giant and have the capacity, once in a while, to reflect, learn and live a bit without it. We now live in the new age of information where technology is indeed the fuel for innovation and creativity. Without technology in our lives, we will suffer tremendous consequences. 

Fortunate will be the ones who understand that. 


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