Mediated Communication: Communication Apprehension Reducer! In Moderation. 


Not sure about you but when I was younger, or shall we say, BTE (before technology era)… I was very shy and introvert. I still remember the many conversations I had with my close friends about it and how uncomfortable I used to be in front of others, specially women. The irony of the former is that today, I (and the MBTI test) consider myself to be a classic extrovert. I enjoy speaking in public to the masses, playing the guitar to hundreds of people and singing in the choir to an audience. Some of you might be thinking… How can this fellow went from being an extreme introvert to an extrovert? I will explain it to you in the lines below.

Did you remember the terms mIRC? BBS? 14K Modem? Well, these terms or shall we say these technologies have helped me tremendously to become less introverted… along with going to the gym, playing the guitar and traveling.

I have no issues with folks using technology to advance their human needs. In fact, technology does a great job with that. What we need to be careful with is believing that technology alone would assist us with living a better life by itself. I bet it won’t.

Spending 12 hours a day on any computer screen won’t make you any less introvert, better fit or live a better life. It might give you some headaches tough. The former is precisely why having a balance between media and off-line activities is so critical in order to live a great life.

Sure, mediated communication helped me a lot to conquer the fear of speaking but at the same time I engaged in human activities that reinforced the same skill sets I’ve learned by joining chat rooms and early on social media systems.

So, do you want to communicate differently, maybe have the courage to speak nice words to a person of the opposite sex without being afraid of rejection? Use technology! Practice your skills but just don’t forget that engaging in off-line activities are as important as technology itself.


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