Technology Addiction A Problem — Technological Conditioning A Reality.


Yesterday, Melina Carstensen published an article stating that technology addiction might impact women more than men. She also pointed it out that social media might be causing folks to gain more weight and that facebook could be making us more lonely. It is possible… I don’t know. I haven’t collected data on this subject as I believe that in this instance, the smartphone isn’t that much different from a TV set. Many in the past have made similar remarks when we used to be in front of a television set for long periods of time back in the 80’s and 90’s.

The question for why this is all happening is more interesting to me.  Kids in my generation (generation X) watched television heavily but wouldn’t wake up first thing in the morning and watch television excessively 24/7. Driving while distracted wasn’t an issue with television.  At work, we didn’t watch television. When we went on dates, we didn’t choose television programming over dinner with a friend. Clearly, the issues we face today are much more problematic and urgent that the ones we had in the past. By the way, the former isn’t just a kid issue. Too many grown adults these days are experiencing the same technological side effects as the millennials which makes us one step closer to a prediction I made in 2013… By the year 2020, we are going to experience a global epidemic of anxiety due to excessive use of computerized devices, regardless of culture.

I find it more interesting to investigate (maybe theorize) why this is all happening. I am convinced that we are turning into a new species which I call the, “Homosapiens Immodicus.” We are beyond the point of technological addiction. We are conditioned to using these devices to a point of no return. The era of the human robot syndrome is here! Now, you have two maybe three smartphones… have a laptop and a tablet. Tomorrow, you will experience the height of our American Technopoly side effects due to the rise of the “internet of things” where technology will communicate with other technologies eventually making your life a living hell.

Anxiety, technostress, burnouts and eventually a human reversal to equilibrium will occur. Human being seem to be seeking their own destruction in the land of apple pie and abroad. Maybe, we are becoming like the machine without knowing. Maybe believing that technology is the panacea to all of our problems is simply the wrong thing to do. We need moderation! But in order to truly moderate — we are going to face a harsh reality… The burn out reality.



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