Are We A New Species Of Human Beings?


There are a number of people these days talking about the importance of disconnecting from modern computer technology. I agree that we must regulate how many hours we should be on the computer each day. I am not aware of too many folks out there who would disagree with the former statement. The reality is that we are all too connected to the internet these days. The “Internet of things” will make us even more connected, which I believe will lead us into a period of massive societal layoffs and great depression. Listen carefully: Expect more pot holes, less state services and higher taxes…

What I don’t hear very often is why are we so connected? I say, “We are a new species… the Homo Sapiens Immocidus” We are the excessive, immoderate human being who can’t stop being connected because we made the unconscious choice to allow media to condition us. We have “evolved” or shall we say, “regressed” as human beings by llowing machinery to take over.  The man of the present and the women of the future will carry the immodicus gene — We have learned to be beyond measure. What a dangerous move!

Let me ask you this. Are we a new species of human beings? Are we better off or worse than before? What do you think? Food for thought.


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