Why Should You Care About @escthemachine?


Because you deserve better — Because we all deserve better. Because @Escthemachine is liberating. It is perhaps one of the few movements out there that critically and systemically examines the impacts of modern computer technology in the development of our children. @escthemachine is important because it is a moderate movement not an extremist movement. It is not meant to disrupt your life as it is meant to enhance it. If you believe that being on a computerized device for 7-10 hours as day is an absurd, then you are on your way to becoming a “TechnoModerator,” as well.

No child should be doing homework for hours on end in order to make it in the workforce. This obsession with homework in the public educational system is, de facto, a consequence of what modern technology has done to our economy, in some respects. The more technology we have in society, the more the automation… The more the automation, the less the jobs are available which clearly raises the bar for what is expected for children to master in order to make it. As technology advances to uncontrolled levels, be ready to spend more time doing homework with your kids and seeing them literally stressed out and struggling to make ends meet as an adult. Be prepared on having them living with you well after the age of 28 and depending on your success in order to survive.

Do you want to see your child struggling? I don’t want to see mine, that’s for sure. I would much rather be proactive and vocal about the importance of controlling automation in society than having to spend my week nights tutoring my child on how to deal with impossibilities. Do you know that it is literally improbable (sometimes impossible) for human beings to memorize more than seven chunks (-2+) of information at a time? The human brain has limited capacity and the former can be tested experimentally with digits. Try this: speak out loud, “1453937.” Read these digits aloud two more times and see if you can recite them correctly. I bet you will be successful.  Now, let’s try something different. Try this: speak out loud, “1540289472223819203948382919227834562.” Read these former digits aloud two more times and see if you can recite them correctly. I bet you will be unsuccessful.

The reason for my prediction is because our brains have limited capacity and we can’t process all this stimuli at once without overworking our short-term memory. If our short-term memory is overworked, you might as well say goodbye to transferring all this stimuli to your long-term memory. When we are exposed to a high of computer use, we undeniably start thinking that we can emulate the machine and process all this data like the machine. Sorry, we just can’t. It is just not possible, unless a tremendous effort is undertaken and even when it is possible, it just becomes unlikely. What is predictable, however, is that whoever decides to undertake such inhumane task, will certainly burn out. We call for technology moderation and what is reasonable technological use.

The former is a central mission of @escthemachine. We are @escthemachine… a movement that prides itself in moderate thinking and action and in advancing the idea that technology should make our lives better. If it doesn’t, then perhaps, we shouldn’t use it or reduce its use. We like to work hard and with technology, reasonably. We are not fans of working from nine to forever.

Why should you care about @escthemachine? The reasons listed above are our reasons.


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