What does the @Escthemachine Symbol Represents?


The @escthemachine symbol, created by a media professor (Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida) back in early 2011, in its core represents human autonomy, control, and hope. The symbol was created as a response to the invasive nature of technology in our daily lives since the mass adoption of the smartphone. @escthemachine isn’t a symbol of hate for technology but for moderation in the literal sense.

The @escthemachine symbol brings awareness of the dangers of uncontrolled automation in children and adults across the globe and can be interpreted as an “enough of it” symbol which seeks to defend the dignity of humanity against the intended (and unintended) mass adoptions of unfiltered technological innovations in our daily lives.

The @escthemachine symbol is empowering and it should be seen as such. The gap between the beginning and the end of the arrow is represents “The escape” from technology once in a while. It is the symbol’s call for human equilibrium. The two bars were designed to depict a wall plug… The symbol, as a whole, is a call to action for humans to unplug from technology every once in a while in order to reboot and deal with the large amounts of data that we all must process these days because of forever evolving technological speed.

The @escthemachine symbol is here to stay. Why? Because we are going to need it. Our survival as a human species will depend on it — not necessarily pragmatically but conceptually speaking. The reason? Micro Evolution! Moor’s Law teaches us that every two years, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles in capacity which can be interpreted that every two years, the machine gets better and stronger. Do you get better and stronger every two years? I don’t. Are you stronger when you are 18 or 78? Our memories and functions perform better when we are 23 not when we are 97, with rare exceptions. Most physicians would concur with the former statements, if ceteris paribus.

The @escthemachine symbol represents who we are and reminds us that we are not perishable machinery but human beings born with bones and flesh — a quality that is unique to us as a group and should be celebrated.



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