In The Name Of Technology


Whenever technology is infused in society, it changes society forever. When the smartphone was introduced to the public back in the early 2000’s, few folks thought that this innovation would be used to change societal order in the United States, I bet. The smartphone has changed the way we engage in public discourse forever. Tehnology systemically changes culture from within. As Neil Postman once said — It is impossible to adopt any technology in a technopoly without this same technology changing the core of that society. The USA is a technopoly.

We are now experiencing the mass introduction of drones in mainstream american culture as we speak and guess what? It is already having an impact on how well established societal organs operate. Flying drone regulations are being revised to accommodate the latest infusion of drone innovation, for obvious reasons. Virtual reality is already here to stay and it will, without question, change the way we look at entertainment. I am convinced that VR will change television forever which in itself will have unintended side effects of its own, mostly economical.

As cool and sweet these technologies were and will be, the side effects that these new technologies bring along with them aren’t negligible and should in fact be discussed publicly for the benefit of all stakeholders affected by its implementations prior to full adoption. Technologies have real side effects and can be quite oppressing. Mass technology adoption of any kind produces significant impact in the macro and a number of subsystem and I argue… when adopted, it often serves as change agents by themselves. Community neglect, lack of jobs and less funding for education are some of the side effects technology produces. We are going to see a large increase in all of the former in the next five to ten years if not longer, I think. If my contention proves to be true, how is American society be in 2030? I hope I am wrong because the scene in 2030 would be very ugly, indeed. This is what I think is going to happen…

Public uprisings will increase in size and in proportion as community neglect will also increase in scope partially due to uncontrolled infusion of technology in society. Anytime media is adopted in society without a well crafted diffusion of innovation side effect analysis, violence is likely to occur because innovation diffusion tends to be colonial in nature. It often results in haves and have nots. Large scale forcibly adopted innovation often damages well established operating systems which of course affect other established subsystems in the macro system, in order to impose its hegemony as the new system. What is often the result? We experience a big divide sometimes of colossal proportions.

These divides are often cultural and economical sometimes racial. Anytime a particular community is left behind due to the advancements of modern technology, poverty and violence increases and force then becomes seen as the only way to “solve” the problems of people when perhaps these problems have little to do with people. At least, not at the core.

Of course force won’t solve anything — It will only make things worse as force is reactive not proactive. Force is a consequence not the cause. Technology is the main cause for this crisis of law enforcement, in my opinion. The real problem is technology. Let me explain: Every time innovation is adopted and fully implemented in any system, there will be winners and losers of innovation. Winners end up controlling more resources than those who lose making them more powerful and less likely to experiencing hardships. After a period of time, continuous lack of resources result in total community neglect.  As a consequence, crime increases, new modes of behaviors are created and adopted by those who were left behind by the new technological system.

Even though the these new behaviors are clearly understood by the members of the subculture, it is often seen as defiant by the mainstream dominant technological culture. Th result? “Societal misbehavior” exponentially increases. I say “societal misbehavior” because within a particular subculture, what is accepted or rejected isn’t necessarily part of mainstream culture necessarily because of the divisive consequences of technology.  As conflict increases force increases.  The more the conflicts, the more stress the force experiences and the more irrational and sometimes criminal the acts of the force become. The route is technological. The bias is likely to be racial.

To complement the mess that new technology creates in established systems of society, especially the police, technique also impacts how we operate economically as a macro system. Implementation of new technologies often destroy a large number of well established industries that once employed a number of members of the society at large. Take for example the media helicopter industry and how it is being impacted by the drones industry. In order to fly a helicopter, first you have to have a helicopter. Flying a helicopter requires a helicopter pilot. In order for anybody to become a helicopter pilot, they must go to helicopter piloting school. Helicopter school instructors must attend helicopter and FAA training in order to become eligible to teach others how to fly a helicopter. With the introduction of drones, what will happen to the helicopter industry? I have a hypothesis. The helicopter industry will take a severe hit (if they are not already being severely impacted) by drone innovation. What is the the result? There will be less jobs in that industry which then will result in less taxes being paid to the state resulting in less funding to take care of our roads and bridges and to fund our schools, as jobs will decrease due to technology taking away the human potion of the economic production equation of the aircraft industry!

Of course that new innovations by themselves create additional jobs, often. However, what is the rate of job creation and compensation versus the numbers of status quo well established systems? Just because we can replace human labor with technology doesn’t mean we should. A healthy democracy needs to take care of its people and resist the temptation of “advancing society”at all costs in the name of technology and leave its citizens left behind.

I want to see a United States prosperous where citizens of every color, creed, nationality, religion could live in harmony and celebrate the true beauty of diversity. As long as society at see technology as a God, we will continue to see more shootings on poor American citizens, more inequality, increases in crime and a racial divide.






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