Holy Cow! 14,000 Employees?

escthemachine by Dr. Luis Almeida

The industry is changing, they say. What we used to produce last year isn’t good enough o produce anymore. “We must maximize our profits in a different” area seems to be what Cisco Systems is planning to do in the next few days. The result? A potential massive layoff of 14 thousand employees. Yes, you read that right. Holy cow! 14,000 thousand employees? Are you serious, one might ask. I am very serious. It has happened again. Technology is causing more hardships to American families in our glorious technopoly.

How long will it take for folks in the United States to realize that the side effects of technology are far more impactful that its benefits? One day, hardware is good. Next month is getting out of favor. Three months from now, it is an obsolete skill-set! Well, not quite but you know what I mean. This rapid societal pace is nuts and frankly, it is inhumane in a number of respects. Do the masters of mankind just don’t care anymore about others period?  I think so. People just don’t care or should I say — It appears to me that the corporate board just don’t give a crap about people anymore, literally. My reasons for writing such provocative thoughts and suspicions are because of the decisions that are being made by big corporations as it relates to their own body of human resources.

The American way of life will change, probably drastically. I am predicting that technology will make a very small portion of our society very wealthy and a large portion desperate for a way to make a living because of technology and the biased technological mindset the masters of mankind possesses. There will be a day when we will see miles and miles of ruins which once were the pearl of a booming society. I see famine, violence, desperation, and groups of well intended people desperately seeking a way to survive in a system without available means of production. Who knows — rather than seeing an industrial park lead by industrial managers, we will see small, medium sized and big companies being lead by what technology dictates.

I think it is unfair but hey, I put people first and I care. Cisco has increased its shares by 15% in the past three months and high a all time high share price in nice years and now is seeking a way to fire 20% of its workforce. How would you feel if you worked for a company, helped management to advance the missions of the unit and was part of a team who increased company revenue by 25%? Board members don’t seem to care about what workers have done. Maybe, we should change the system of how corporations are run which could in fact have a tremendous impact in American society for the better.

Today, people celebrate job security by having a conditional job, even though a conditional job isn’t necessarily a difficult task to concur. Maybe, Neil Postman was right after all. The American Technopoly is here to stay. The way you live your life and treat others is a great indication of what happens to a culture that is documented by technology. Humanity is seeking it own destruction.


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