Can Technology Stop The Problem It Caused? Don’t Be Silly! Of Course Not.

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Today on CNN, Kelly Wallance asked the following question in her article, “Driving While Distracted: Can Technology Stop The Problem It Caused? The answer to the former question is absolutely not. There is no technology that will make you or me be unconditioned to using the same technology that conditioned us all to being connected in the first place. By now, you probably realized that I see the world through the lenses of my theory of human communication, the Almeida Computer Behavior (Human robot) theory. Why? How can I not! Look at society’s behavior. Click here to read the theory in colloquial language.

Neil Postman once said that America is the most advanced Technopoly that has ever existed in history. By technopoly he meant a society where technology is seen as a God which eventually turns people within a culture to seek its authorization in technology, as well as its satisfactions and orders. In a technopoly, we attain what Postman calls a “surplus of information generated by technology” where these same tools (technology) are then used to provide direction and purpose for society and individuals. What a danger.

This is precisely what is going on in the United States today, in my opinion. The problem of driving while distracted is a real issue among teenagers, adults, seniors… you name it. CNN is dead on it. What is next? There are companies that are claiming they can help you to unlearn conditioned behaviors using more technology… Really? Can you stop being an alcoholic by drinking more distilled alcohol? Can you lose weight by eating more calories? Of course that using more technology to solve a technological problem won’t fix the issue. I repeat — It won’t stop. Why? Because humans are still in control of their own devices and after being conditioned to doing a task for so long so frequently, it is very hard to stop doing it. This is precisely why breaking a habit is so difficult and often takes good people to attend detoxing centers in order to assist them to regain their lives back.

The only real way to stop this madness is by having good people experience something extreme debilitating like exhaustion and/or fatigue (a burn out) in order to wake up from what McLuhan has once called “numbness” to the effects of technology in their central nervous systems.  Once a population is passing through what I call the process of transformation into the human robot syndrome, effects like the ones we are seeing on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, CBS will occur. What amazes me is this need to call for more technology intervention as the panacea to our modern technological addictions. I am convinced that the general public should know the intricacies of the Homo Sapiens Immodicus Model in order to better understand why these behaviors might be occurring in the first place. 

Perhaps, the Homo sapiens Immodicus is already here. Perhaps, I miscalculated how long it would take for the American population to reach the human robot syndrome and maxed out their brain processing capacities. I am reconsidering my former predictions I have to say. I guess that we are already in the midst of the human robot syndrome. If I am right about the former, you might as well say good bye to human equilibrium. We shall see you in the human reversal phase, next! As it is our only chance to get back on track to being a full human being again in behavior.

What Do I think? This might be rough for you to hear and accept. I admit. Fortunately, I am not in business to make anyone happy. I am in business to seek and tell you the truth to the best of my ability. I think the American population is screwed from the stance of technological conditioning– We are way too conditioned to using technology in the American Technopoly. Is there any good news you might be asking? Well, the good news is that all this madness is temporary and because our brains were not designed to work in 24/7 constant information overload mode, sooner or later, the highly conditioned homo sapiens immodicus will eventually break down and burnout because of the technology he/she produced. A vicious cycle will occur making the immodicus a slave in his (her) own technological world. 

Why is this a good set of events you might be asking? The reason that these events might be good news my friends is because if a severe burnout occurs,  people will have to face their habits head on. As a consequence, conditioned subjects will then realize that they are not an extension of any technology and that technology only reminds them how human they are making them aware of their own circumstances. Until this event takes place, your friends and family won’t wake up from this nightmare and will continue to use technological devices if there wasn’t a tomorrow. Until then, there will be no technology that will make you to truly disconnect from technology effectively.

These “new technology” solutions might work sporadicly but it won’t solve anything. The only way to solve the problem is to fix the cause. Trying to treat the consequence will only create other weird side effects of this same technology that created the problems in the first place. At least, this is my take on it.


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