And They Keep Feeding You Technology!

Colleges and universities are being attacked by the ‘Masters of Mankind,” as we are a tremendous force of democracy within the new American republic. The case of Jackson State University’s foundation coverage by a local newspaper in the city of Jackson Mississippi clearly shows how these attacks are coming to fruition in the public domain which clearly seems to be an attempt to fully eradicate public education from state budgets.

Although incompetence was found on behalf of a former Jackson State employee (he was fired in 2014), the university has received damaging  press coverage in a very short period of time about the supposed incident two years after the fact. I personally find such practices highly suspicious and uncalled for. Let me start with the obvious,  “Aren’t foundations private institutions/non-state related, anyways?

Mississippi is under one of the worse budget crisis in its history which will affect millions of both white and black Mississippians in the very near future — yet the top 1% gets tax breaks. Let me stop and say this to you. The former isn’t an unfounded capitalist policy. It is simply 18th century capitalism being implemented in 2016.

Let’s talk game. Is it because of the President? Or is it because the goal of many in the ultra right wing camp is to turn public education into a private enterprise?  Let’s not forget that foundations tend to serve as a resort for colleges and universities to still exist as public entities as state funding allocated to state institutions has been on the decline since the 1980’s. Perhaps, the masters of mankind figured it out that by destroying trust in private donors, eventually the public educational system would collapse by association as foundations and universities have a degree of interdependency these days. It seems clear to me that this whole thing is based on a well know strategy of war called divide and conquer or should I say, “Divide Et Impera.”

I obviously don’t know the answer to these questions but I have opinions. What I do know is that technology isn’t necessarily what is needed in order to understand what the heck is going in the political and educational scene. In order to understand this mess, we must revise or better understand the motives behind how segments of society think about economics, politics, and human behavior.

Let’s explain something to you. Even with increases in university enrollment (which Jackson State has done since I joined this institution — thanks to the leadership of Dr. Myers), state and local governments have decided to reduce state funding which obviously causes state universities to receive less operating budget funds. As a consequence, it is only logical that a state owned university look for alternative measures to balance its already stressed budgets allocated by the state. It is no accident that our public universities are shifting their financial and strategic plans to include foundation funds as a means to balance the often negative funding allocated by state governments (When taking into account inflation and devaluation of currency) in the past 30 years.

The only way such institutions can survive today is by having foundations whose goals are to privately raise funds and manage what is called “university endowments” in order to defend public colleges and universities from defaulting on its operations. It is, in my opinion at least, the only way public institutions of higher education can fill the gap between what is given by the state today and what is required to run a school.

It is no accident that colleges and university foundations have their own administrations acting independently from the state school they are associated with. The main goal for such predictable approach is to reduce operating expenses of state universities and yet raise private funds to offset the already stressed operating system of public education. By taking this approach, colleges and universities will then have more degrees of freedom to focus on marketing their institutions rather than having to put additional financial stresses on its already stressed internal operation.

The attack, in my opinion, is on this interdependent system. I can’t stop but to think about this question, “What would happen if democracy wins?” This mentality of cutting everything can be quite costly in a few years when demand for labor increases. If the ultimate goal is to crush democracy completely, an act that was implemented quite well in the former soviet union, then cutting everything and passing laws that humiliates people shall prevail. I would hope that we would do better than Stalin. But hey! They are keep feeding to you that technology is what is needed to solve our problems today! “If we only had technology…” Do you see the non-sense of that? Technology again has nothing to do with this whole discussion. Go figure.



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