The Reality Of Our Times

Since the times of Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s, the United States has been on a sliding slope in regards to the well being of its people. Deregulation, fear of Keynesian economics, the disregard for the well being of the working class, and a system of election that is fueled by monetary power in exchange for legislative authority has turned the well designed capitalist system of the United States into an elitist driven system of a few where only the wealthy can achieve a sustainable American Dream — A life of prosperity, well-being, and security without having to pay attention to when the masters of mankind will take your property away. The “Dream” my friends, has ended as progress in this country is now based on insecurity of labor, unfair trade deals that hurts the unprotected American worker, and trickle down economical principles.

Adam Smith once said, “All for ourselves and nothing for other people.” What appears to be a crazy unfounded economical ideology is in fact based on sound principles of economics dating back to the 18th century. What happened to the 20th century work of Nobel Prize winner John Nash — Nash Equilibrium? Do we want to live in a society of poor, uneducated, and unsecured citizens full of violence and harsh inequality? Apparently, the “Masters of Mankind” believe this system is the ideal and shall be sustained. It won’t. Sooner or later, the majority will revolt and destroy the minority ideals. As a capitalist, I can’t believe I am writing this but I am a different type of capitalist. The aristotelian type, who actually cares for its people. I like to believe I am the true patriot. America for Americans.

It is true that trickle down economics and the principles proposed by Adam Smith publicly revealed in his masterpiece, “The Wealth of the Nations” does create a lot of wealth for those with excess capital but it doesn’t trickle down to the average worker in the United States. Well, of course it doesn’t! The whole idea behind this scam is for the top 1% to pay less taxes not for the poor to have jobs. It doesn’t take a PhD to figure it out that! Maybe, we should investigate the devastating results that Reagonomics has done to the United States of American in the last thirty years.

The former is a tough task as too many folks who lived in the USA in the 80’s have a tremendous allegiance to a president who gave hope to his people. Nowhere I am saying that Ronald Reagan was a bad leader or he didn’t care for the American people, necessarily. His economic policies which were dictated by the folks who elected him, were not necessarily American, in my opinion.

Why do you think that American jobs were sent overseas? More profit! Reagan, a great speaker, actor, leader, and former union president sold his soul to the wealthy for prosperity and power. Who can blame him from an Adam Smith’s perspective? Unless one is a platonic idealist, it would be unfair to simply disregard one’s point of view based on incomplete gathering of information.

American society has become much more unequal and the great American republic driven by democratic principles has become less democratic. Aristotle’s “democracy problem” has been “solved” by forcing the working class to accept what I like to call, “a rape in progress” for the benefit of a few. Nothing surprising there also as democracy is in fact the true enemy of top 1%. No wonder why the civil rights movement was so bloody in the 60’s.

In a period of eight to ten years, higher education will shrink and should by then be mostly private and a privilege of a few, even though we are going to still see students from low and middle class families financing their futures to obtain an education that will be at best mediocre. God has pity on the next generation of Americans because third world problems will come to a city near you in the next decade.

The Solution? What do I hear? We need technology to solve this monumental problem! We need science, technology, mathematics and engineering! Okay, Maybe we need engineering more than technology. Oops, engineering is a type of technology! Or should I say, “It could be.” We need the free market system, some say. Most people in the world don’t think so. No wonder why the vast majority of countries across the globe protect its national industries by taxing foreign imports!

What we need people is caring leadership. It is the type of leadership that Shackeleton had during the great expedition of the endurance! We need a new way of thinking, a systemic way of thinking about the problems we face today and finally acknowledge that in this new age, lying to the face of the people won’t cut anymore as information is widely available to the masses. Look at what happened to the years of corruption in Brazilian politics? For the first time in the country’s history, the wealthy is being put in prison. No wonder why the net-neutrality debate is of such importance for democracy. The former is the good side of technology.

We need to stay away from James Madison ideology and look at Aristotle. Go read the book, “Politics,”if you haven’t done it already. We need to stop with this idiotic idea that technology will solve the problems of America when the problem is mostly systemic not technical. Giving a smartphone to your neighbor so he/she can play video games won’t help fix the huge sociological problems we have in this country today. Lack of concern about the poor and the average person has very little to do with technology and a lot to do with greed and power control.



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