Why Some of Us Are Not Techno Groupies?


I don’t know about you but technology will never control me and let me tell you… convince me that it will by itself bring me any form of long-term success in life. There will be no techno groupie movement, societal pressure or a technology itself that will change my mind about that. I am human, made of skin and bones, with a soul and common sense living in an age where too many folks idolize technology almost as if technology was a God hoping that technology will solve their problems quicker, “save” them from the dangers of antiquity, and bring them wealth short-term. Ladies and gentleman, let me bring you all back to reality and what the vast majority of technological news are not telling you. Technology won’t make you wealthy, quick, without sacrifice. Technology is “technique” as  Neil Postman once said. Technology, or should I say capital, is only one of the three elements found in the economics equation for production.  Production = capital + labor.  This is Economics 101.

As a college professor who has taught, researched and written about technology for years, I can attest to you that leadership and people/communication skills is what will help you the most to win in the game of life particularly in these next five to ten years to come where your competition is putting all their resources in perishable machinery.  Technology can and probably will assist you to be successful and to maneuver in the current system but technology itself won’t help you as much as you might think despite of what you might hear on television or somewhere on the internet. People drive companies not technology.

In reality, believing that technology is the panacea to all your problems is an easy scam to believe as we live in an era of heavy technological developments, self-driving car technology, drones, smartphones, you name it — Yep, we live in an ultra modern super sized technopoly where the remaining Gods of antiquity are being crushed completely and the angels and saints of modernity are not just taking over — they are in business to redesign the core fundamental principles of what it means to exist, be human, and succeed.

To our luck, life doesn’t operate according to teenage thinking. The modern thinking advancing the ideology that technology can do everything for you isn’t that much different from a teenager thinking that he/she knows everything there is to life. Sorry kids, you (and I)  don’t know everything about life, especially when were were teenagers. Yes! Your (and mine) parents knew a little more than you (and I) did when we were 14, right? All right, maybe I am assuming too much here — When I was a teenager, I didn’t know everything about life and my parents knew a little more than I did. Do you agree with that?

We don’t need to re-discover ourselves in the age of technology. We need to reinvent ourselves to perhaps accommodate some technology as a means to understand the need to communicate better with others with more empathy so we gain better people skills and are able to better lead the crops! Leadership moves organizations forward not technology. Knowing how to deal with people and lead is what will make you wealthy in the long run. Okay… okay… A new leadership process can be a form of technology, that’s true. I am referring to technology as media, much like Marshall McLuhan did. More media won’t make you into a better or more successful person necessarily. What a scam! Training in leadership and knowing how to deal with different kinds of people will.

That’s for sure.




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