The Nomads of the United States of America.

lcaWe don’t live in the industrial age anymore. We are currently living in what I call “the new Gutenberg” information age era.  It is an era where non-industrial companies lead the fortune 500 company list; it is an era where going to school and not gaining practical skill sets can make you educated but jobless and in major debt; It is an era where the richer gets much richer, the middle class disappears…  It is an era where the poor gets prison or stuck. It is also an era of high volatility where those with capital can really maximize profit at the expense of the middle class and the poor at rates rarely seen in human history. It is a time when buying a house can literally bankrupt you quickly because the remaining industries of the former industrial age are likely to eventually be dismantled without warning and shipped overseas to be operated with cheaper labor.

We live in an uncertain world where the haves –> “have more” and the have nots –> “have if anything — little”. It is a time where it doesn’t matter if one is purchasing or producing products locally because the client can potentially be a global customer. No wonder why a large number of producers in the United States could care less if their communities tank or strive. Many say, “As long as customers are buying my products and I pay less taxes…” Right?

General Motors used to produce cars in Michigan and pay corporate taxes in cities like Flint, Pontiac, Detroit… during the industrial age era.  Detroit was one of the most progressive cities in the United States at the peak of the American industrial revolution era. In 2016, a little over a decade into the new era of information, the city of Detroit and surroundings cities are screaming for help and its long term sustainability are at high risk. Let me ask you a question? Why would anyone in their right minds buy a house in Detroit under such conditions? Let me go further… Why would anyone buy a property in any market these days under the new era? The answer of course is because of Pride.

In my view, this is how wealth is transferred in the new age of information. The relics of the industrial age are still ingrained in the minds of millions still living today as well as pride. Folks hear from their parents and friends, “You need to buy a house and settle and find that job that will give you stability long term and help you to eventually retire…” NOT! Why? Because you might be the enemy of your own corporate employer not his ally. Do you think that stockholders will choose you or their pockets? Cutting labor and replacing you with technology is a much cheaper alternative. The “humane” thing to do might be to perhaps replace you with an employee in an emerging economy for 1.5 dollars an hour until they find a place that will have workers willing to be paid 50 cents an hour. No wonder why stockholders have exported over 200.000 industries to lower labor countries since the late 90’s.

We don’t live in the industrial age anymore! The age of unions and a high paid job forever is history ladies and gentleman. Why? Take a look at how the top 1% wants you and I to operate. The demonization of unions and pensions in the United States is a clear example of that. The future is so predictable… Expect more poverty and higher levels of crime and violence. It is coming to a city near you if it isn’t already here.

According to an article written by CNN in early January 2015,  the wealthiest 1% will soon have more than the rest of the population combined. I bet that by 2025, the top 1% will have more wealth than all of us. I also bet that there will be a number of former middle class individuals in the United States (who by then will live in poverty) who will defend this insane ideology on the behalf of the ultra wealth, “I get everything… you get nothing and you know what? Let me have what is left of you because I can.” All of the former in the name of a dangerous ideology, fueled by technology. Welcome to business philosophy in the new age of information… The philosophy of maximizing profit at all costs at the expense of your goodwill without any form of regulation.

It is all about money, folks. Okay… it isn’t just about money. It is about knowledge and the capacity for one to see that in the end it is like Vegas… The house always win. But like Vegas, one can defend itself by choosing not to play the game according to the” Vegas Rules” Thankfully. That’s the hope. Always remember Newton’s Third law, “All forces between two objects exist in equal magnitude and opposite direction.” You need to push back to repel in order to survive in this new era. Sometimes, the best strategy to use is to disdain your opponent. It allows you to regroup and counter attack eventually.

Do you know that you can win every time you go to a casino? Recipe: Play the 1c slot machine once in a while and enjoy the free drinks you receive from the casino waitress — along with the free shows or should I say… free entertainment?

In the game of life in the contemporary information age, survival is no different than surviving in gambling in this regard. The more you play the game without being able to play it fairly, the higher the chance you are going to lose regardless if you have technology on your side or not. The casinos have the upper hand in every game, right? Absolutely! This is how they make their money. Good for them. The “people of the game” control the resources and where they invest their monies in the unregulated economy. Absolutely! This is how they make their money!

The future of the United States is quite predictable. Since the ultra wealthy controls all the wealth and their practices aren’t regulated, they will choose where to live. The middle class will mostly drop into poverty overtime due to lack of degrees of freedom and controlled growth. They will be known for being the modern day “Nomads of the United States of America…” moving from place to place in order to somehow make a living to survive. The poor? Well, they will be either in prison or simply be stuck in their own communities forever due to lack of opportunity.


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