More Than Just Dollars: Technology Regulation Necessary.


I am convinced that we need some sort of technological regulation in order to stop this insane use at all costs without thinking about tomorrow technology use madness.  We are reaching ridiculous levels of smartphone use in American society. We are currently experiencing some serious technology side effects which is now impacting the way we live and raise our children. It seems paramount to me that in order to balance this uncontrollable overuse of computer use, we lobby congress to make it mandatory for technology companies to inform the public about the dangers of overuse of smartphone technology practices. We need to also convince the state to make it mandatory for technology companies to place a surgeons general warning label or a visible warning sign in smartphone cases.

Think about it… When was the last time you bought a cigarette pack without a surgeons general label?  Can you buy toys today without a visible warning sign label?  Why should smartphones be exempt from such important disclaimer?  They shouldn’t be exempt that’s for sure. I challenge you to ask your family members and friends whether or not we should have such measures put in place to protect the millions of children (and adult) lives who suffer from technological addiction.  I bet that quite a few will agree that we should engage in such initiatives.

The time is now not tomorrow. The increasing incidence of technological overuse in all aspects of the American Technopoly is causing a plethora of serious side effects to the community at large. What used to be the exception is now being considered mundane. Kids as young as three years of age now are experiencing signs of technology addiction. A large number of teenagers are also experiencing such effects. Recently, adults and even seniors are now constantly using smartphone technology to a level of ridicule!

Look… I do realize that my TechnoModeration blog articles sometimes aren’t very popular. I do understand that the vast majority of Americans just love technology and to a degree — are willing to face the consequences of technological addiction for the sake of technological use. This is perhaps an uphill battle that I will have to face throughout my career — The uphill battle of calling for a technologically addicted society to give up their addiction (to the smartphone) and live a more balanced life away from the computer screen… At least once in a while.

What is my solution to this madness? To eventually implement a mandatory surgeons general warning label or a visible warning sign to be put in all smartphone cases. The public needs to be formally informed and reminded about the negative consequences of technology overuse. It is the right thing to do and it is urgent! Look, I have no problem with anyone making lots of money using or selling technology or services relating to technology. We live in a capitalist society driven by the dollar. Let me iterate —  There is nothing wrong with making money with technology. I do have a problem with people wanting to make a buck at the expense of one’s health, though. The former isn’t a noble activity in my book. I find it quite unethical but this is just me. At least, this is what I think.



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