There Is No Money That Can But Another Pinkie Finger


There is no money that can buy your pinkie back. Did you know that the smartphone is literally changing the way your pinkie finger’s bone structure works? Try putting all of your fingers next to each other and see if you can hold them together? What did you feel? Was it difficult putting all of your fingers of your right hands together (if you are right handed)? Did you notice that your pinkie was slightly separated from the ring finger? Well, this is already happening to a large number of teenagers and young adults due to excessive use of smartphone technology.

I love my iPhone but I also love my body. Well, the former shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. One of the conditions that makes us human is our ability to know ourselves and our bodes in detail. Look: If I was given the choice to protecting my body or protecting technology, I would choose to protect my body 10/10 times. I don’t want to be in a nursing home full of hand bunions. It wouldn’t be a pretty scene. The excessive use of smartphone technology by the global population is creating a number of unintended side effects, including youngsters suffering from bunion’s syndrome.

Try for yourself. Try to put all of your fingers together. I bet you will struggle with this little activity. Why? Because the way we hold the smartphone is damaging part of our hand. It is de facto affecting a large number of teenagers and adult’s hands bone structure because of  technology. Do you want to increase your chances of growing up healthy and without deformities? Avoid using the smartphone for 10+ hours a day or hold its weight on your pinkies. It isn’t worth it. Everything in moderation, including smartphone holding patterns.

As I always say, “Use Technology But In Moderation.”  Be careful not to hold the total weight of a smartphone device with your pinkie! It is a bad idea that can later on in life backfire on you. If you do, your pinkie will end up being deformed. Don’t forget! You need all the fingers you get in order to be a great citizen of this country! Cheers.



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