Hey! I Still Have A Cassette Tape Recorder


Yes, you read it right. I still have a cassette tape recorder and it rocks! Since I was a student of Sports Management in college, I owned this antiquated yet cool electronic technology equipment able to play cassette tapes. The grayish look, almost identifiable object by the millennial generation is still giving me hours of music entertainment every week in the capital of Mississippi, Jackson. So, my question to you is, “Why should we give away old cool technology for the sake of technology?”

I know what you might be thinking. Yeah, right… Do you really have an old cassette tape recorder functioning device? I hope you don’t get disappointed to hear that I do have one and have at least five cassette tapes. I know it is unusual for folks in 2016 to have these old technologies but hey… they still work. Is there a shame to love the old technologies? I can see you and your friends laughing about my mini-disc library that can still be played in my fiber optics sony player!

Joe Queenan tells on his WSJ article titled, “The Shame of Loving Unhip Technology” that folk don’t stop using a glass or a frying pan so why should we not use old digital technology? I like his position quite a lot as these same old technologies can in fact save your life in moments you don’t expect. Did you remember the case of hurricane Katrina? Folks who were stuck in the city New Orleans had to communicate via old CB radios because modern technology failed! Every time my internet is down and I can’t listen to music on-line, guess what? I bring my cassette player and tapes out and listen to my 80’s cassette tune collections. Maybe, you should consider having an old technology backup plan too! It is a lot of fun, trust me.

Hey! I Still Have A Cassette Tape Recorder and it is cool. Glad to share and converse with you tonight. Cheers.



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