You Need Flesh And Bones Along With Technology To Sell


In the new landscape of social media, content is key. What they don’t tell you is that promotion is as key.  There are tons of folks out there possessing great content yet they are still unknown. Why? The answer is clear — Content in itself isn’t enough for anyone to follow your thoughts or buy your products in the Contemporary American Technopoly. You need to do a great deal of self promotion and engage with your target audience on a daily basis by using self-made rash-tags, by posting blog posts, and sharing a little bit of what you know, in order to have a chance to succeed with your efforts in the new economy. In addition, you must speak with your audience face-to-face occasionally to build or maintain rapport.

As a matter of fact, speaking with your audience face-to-face is as important as most folks often buy from the people they trust. If they don’t know you, they won’t buy from you. See? Even in the world of business, the concept of TechnoModeration should be implemented!

Are these former new media promotion activities time consuming ? Yes. Will they annoy some, sure. Does self-promotion go against the biblical principle of humility? Well, it depends how you define humility to be. According to the Webster dictionary, humility means “The quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people.” Posting your thoughts and ideas as a blog post and sharing them in any form of social media, assuming that you don’t consider yourself better than others, isn’t a violation of humility. It is in fact a good social media practice in the new age of information.

A combination of responsible on-line and face-to-face communication can help you to move a business concept forward.  You need, however, flesh and bones along with technology in order to sell products to a clientele and make a living in sales these days. Don’t worry — You can still be a Christian and share your thoughts on-line. Just realize that God, not you, should get the glory for your accomplishments.

Quick tip: Don’t produce campaigns that are totally done on-line and/or are focused on selling products or services to friends. Everywhere I have lived, things get accomplished using the buddy system. It is just how things are done but listen carefully — friends very often don’t buy from other friends…




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