The Ten Commandments of TechnoModeration

10 commandments.png

I reveal to you the Ten Commandments of TechnoModeration — A well crafted list of ten commandments that we all should live by these days. I hope that this poster will make you think about how technology overuse is affecting society at large in so many different venues in a critical way. I also hope that you share this poster with your friends and family as a means to raise the awareness and the need to use computer technology in moderation.

Please notice that there is no commandment asking you, me, your dad or grandmother to totally disconnect or abandon from using technology completely. The reason why you won’t see this kind of rhetoric in my work is because the #TechnoModeration movement is about… Guess what? Moderation! It isn’t about Technology Annihilation.

In fact, please use computer technology on a regular basis but again… in moderation! Not using technology these days is quite impractical, that’s for sure. However, overusing it can really backfire and hunt you later in your life, I would argue.

SO, how do you TechnoModerate?  Read the poster! Do you want one? No worries… This poster will be available for sale at sometime this week. Cheers.



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