Thou Shalt Have TechnoModeration

Capturing the happiness of a child with reasonable frequency can only be done if her parents aren’t constantly texting or socializing on social media at the time the video is being captured. The idea that one should be constantly on-line, texting, driving, spending time on social media, twitting, facebooking, snap-chatting… is really toxic and reduces the chances for parents to capture moments like the ones I am sharing with you here today.

Now, notice that I am not promoting TechnoAnnihilation! We used smartphone technology to capture a video of our daughter jumping here at the house. So, let me scream loud and clear to you! Thou Shalt Have TechnoModeration!!! Not TechnoAnnihilation. Use technology, maybe smartphone technology, to capture the great moments your kids share with you at the park, in your house, at the beach… but in moderation.  

That’s exactly what we do! We are parents who want to live a good life,  celebrate our parenthood yet capturing these moments with smartphone technology with reason. We make family time first, technology second. We use technology to live — we don’t live to use technology! What is the problem with that, I must add? There isn’t a problem, right? Of course not.

Check this out: This is the video of our daughter, Sophia, after coming from a gymnastics lesson where she learned to “Stick it,” an important gymnastics technique we came to learn about. It is a technique that kids should learn as a pre-requisite to being a gymnast later in life. Isn’t it nice that we captured this moment using technology? I think so, you? However, we didn’t spend even a minute recording this moment! We used technology in moderation!

Technology shouldn’t be the reason for why these moments exist, despite the fact that we have a large number of video clips being uploaded to video sharing websites everyday with no meaningful purpose. Technique, in this case, is simply a way to capture the precious moments of a child going through childhood not be the end in itself, right? I think so.

Thou Shalt Have TechnoModeration!!!  Family first, technology second.




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