Unplugging Is Good For Your Soul

escthemachine by Dr. Luis Almeida

Unplugging is good for your soul. In fact, it can be help human beings to be less lonely, jealous and envy. What a great benefit to unplugging once in a while! TechnoModeration has benefits that transcends the area of media studies and that is just great. Unplugging makes you few good! On the other hand, researches have found that one in every three Facebook users feel worse, not better… after going to Facebook.

Feelings of loneliness can occur after subjects see other subjects having a great time on-line when they themselves don’t have that experience. Feelings of jealousy reaches high levels along with thoughts of envy. Subjects can feel jealous of others who have more “friends” than they do or are more popular in cyberspace… The, “they liked their postings but didn’t like mine!” is a typical example of how jealously can occur on-line.

Contrary to what most people might believe, going to social media can in fact have serious unintended side effects in subjects. It can also be quite costly as counseling isn’t a free trade. The higher the levels of unnecessary stresses like envy, the higher the chance subjects get sick as stress levels increase resulting in higher medical expense bills over time. It is fair to say that technology isn’t the only factor that influences feelings of envy or jealousy. I would be completely unreasonable to claim that. Let me explain:

Simply by just watching a brand new luxury car passing by, subjects without the means to buy such expensive toys can indeed feel jealous and envious of those who possess them. I don’t deny that, of course. However, technology use is also associated with similar problems yet very few make the population at large aware of it.

This is precisely why I always say, “Use technology but in moderation.” Use social media reasonably and avoid making inferences from what you find on twitter to your regular life offline. Why be upset if you can avoid a negative feeling? Why should anyone be on the computer 16 hours a day and have to seek counseling  to realign one’s life due to feelings of loneliness? It just doesn’t make sense right!

It isn’t that complicated to understand folks. Almost everything in moderation.


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