Dr. Almeida Featured On ABC-Jackson

Dr. Almeida at WAPT, ABC Affiliated in Jackson Mississippi

The great folks at WAPT, the ABC affiliate here in Jackson Mississippi, were very kind and gracious to run a story on TechnoModeration, an urgent and important technology construct in today’s global society. I had a great conversation with Channel 16 Anchor Tammy Estwick that in fact lasted a good hour and a half. We spoke about a wide variety of technology topics including the critical question of technology moderation. The importance to disconnect as well as the good and bad of technology.

It is important for us all to have candid conversations about the side effects of technology as they are many and they won’t cease to exist anytime soon. After all, stress, anxiety, lack of attention, focus issues, and burn-out are serious problems that must be addressed by the population at large through open debates. In reality, the case for TechnoModeration chat transcends scholarship in the field of media as some of these variables are in fact related to medicine and other health related fields. Therefore, it is important that scholars in multiple fields get and work together to start finding solutions to such critical problems we have to face today here in the United States.

Perhaps, we should put together a panel of experts composed of a media person, a physician, and an anthropologist together to better address the issues of technology in our modern day technopoly.  It is time for us all to tackle this issue from multiple perspectives and start planning to generate potential solutions to address this important issue. The time my friends is now not later. Let’s get it done.




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