Sensationalism At Your Fingertips


A new phenomenon is occurring in American society today — “Smartphone Sensationalism.” The smartphone sensationalism technological side effect that we are witnessing in our troubled society today is quite troublesome. What we are experiencing today is at the very least disturbing and unchristian. Have you noticed an increasing number of violent acts captured by average joes’ smartphones lately near you? I have noticed way too many.

There has been a number of very violent fighting incidents involving teenagers, young adults, males, females, nationals, immigrants, reporters — You name it. What is as amazing is that there is always someone in the crowd recording these acts of violence with their smartphones! Well, this act isn’t very smart and human, is it? All over the country, civilians have been video taping folks fighting on the bus, in public property, across the streets of restaurants, in the woods… These incidents are almost always followed by someone somewhere recording the actual event and “enjoying the moment.” Why are people enjoying recording these violent incidents? I have a theory about that. Could it be that we are becoming robotic in behavior and as a consequence becoming more desensitized to violence? Could it be that smartphone technology is promoting sensationalism in society as a consequence?

I see fights and horrendous acts being recorded by smartphones by regular people everywhere. I have seen a video of a monk putting himself on fire on youtube, prisoners hitting others in state penitentiaries, high schoolers conducting a food fight event and celebrating… I have also seen girl fights, kids fights, bullying and quite offensive language being caught on camera for societal consumption by witnesses of such events who chose to capture video rather than breaking these events from occurring. Please don’t try to convince me that technology isn’t having an impact on how often and why these events are occurring in society because I won’t believe it.

Look, we live in one of the most technological societies the world has ever seen.  A very large number of folks in the United States are constantly on their smartphones and often texting, taking selfies or recording live events with their smartphones, despite whether these events are perceived as good or bad. What the heck! Technology has its fair share of side effects, doesn’t it? Maybe, smartphone companies should write a disclaimer in its smartphone packaging labels warning customers that excessive use of technology can cause severe side effects on them.

I don’t know. We are seeing sensationalism at our fingertips and quite frankly, I think technology has a lot to do with it. This is why I always say, “Use technology but in Moderation!” As soon as technology consumes you, events like the ones I have described will take over your life.

Let’s take a stance against this non-sense! @escthemachine! We are much better than that folks. Don’t you think?


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