You Can Call Me Mr. TechnoModeration!!!

Are you sick of working 60 hours as week, going to a restaurant and constantly seeing folks dining yet texting at the same time at the table? Maybe you believe that resting once in a while without being ostracized for being human by others is a normal activity? I certainly believe that. By the way, you can believe that too.

We are living in a very stressful world and frankly I feel that the main reason we are overall so stressed out is because of being exposed to a ridiculously amount of technology every day, all day long. Have you thought to yourself, “Why are we doing this to ourselves?” Well, I guess I know and promise to write another blog posting about it in the next feel weeks. Stay tuned!!! Do you have any thoughts on this matter?

What is crazy about this whole conversation, to me at least, is that extreme uses of technology can in fact be quite detrimental to you and me yet we are celebrating its uncontrolled advancements if there isn’t a tomorrow. Do you now that unplugging from the machine can reduce feelings of jealousy? Do you now that 1 in 3 people feel worse by going to Facebook? What if I tell you that you probably go to social media when you are sad or bored?

What the heck is going on! Are we going mad? No, maybe we just don’t realize that technology is perhaps controlling us or perhaps turning us into technology itself! This is why folks I created the movement @escthemachine to celebrate technomoderation. I am Mister TechnoModeration and actually, I feel pretty proud to say this publicly. If you are from the position that technology should be used in moderation in society… Join the team, pay attention, investigate and disconnect once in a while. You might live a very long life by avoiding the dangers of technostress. Why lose your life for the sake of technology? It ain’t worth it, that’s for sure.


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